What You Must Know When Buying Knuckleboom Crane Trucks!


Knuckleboom crane trucks have quickly become an essential part of many work fleets today. This is due to their versatility, and many qualities. In order to purchase the best unit, a company that relies on this equipment must assess their needs, as there are many sizes and [...]

Avoid Knuckleboom Truck Tipovers With Outriggers!


Knuckleboom trucks, and any other equipment that involves raising weight above the height of the truck, require special safety equipment to prevent the truck from tipping over due to loss of balance. Outriggers are an essential safety feature that these trucks should have before the boom is [...]

Knuckleboom Cranes – What is A Worm Drive Rotation?


Knuckleboom trucks are extremely versatile machines, and a mainstay in the utility industry. The cranes on these adept vehicles offer many advantages in compact, yet strenuous service, due to their design. Cranes with worm drive rotation, such as those mounted onto many utility trucks, are very popular [...]

Monitoring Knuckleboom Utility Fleets With Mobile Technology!


In today’s fast paced world, efficiency is the key to productivity and profit. It is a key factor for any company, including utility companies, that relies on equipment like knuckleboom trucks on a daily basis. These vehicles are an indispensable tool of the trade, but are also [...]

What Makes Hiab Knuckleboom Trucks So Good?


Sometimes, the best in the business is a name that may not be very familiar. Such is the case with Hiab, a leading European name in loader cranes of all types, a name that is renowned the world over. When searching the websites of new and used [...]

What Will 2016 Bring For Knuckle Boom Trucks?


Every year, truck buyers wait in anticipation to see what new bells and whistles will be introduced with the coming year’s models - and this year is no different. 2016 should usher in bigger bells and louder whistles, especially in the medium duty fleet truck category, which [...]