Knuckle boom crane trucks are most commonly used in building and construction; however, with a slowed construction industry, truck sales have fallen. This has created new buying trends in work trucks, including used knuckle boom crane trucks for sale. Currently, a larger portion of these units are being purchased by other industries, which have coincidentally seen a jump in truck buying for many different uses; however, these buyers are a bit more discerning. They are looking for the best knuckle boom crane trucks for sale, want to know exactly what their money is buying, and will only purchase new and used boom trucks that offer the greatest value for the longest period of time.

Fuel Type and Efficiency Importance

With smaller companies purchasing a large percentage of knuckle boom crane trucks today, a top priority is fuel efficiency. Many of these companies are looking at alternative fuels as well. Natural gas, biofuel, and hybrids are the focus of these companies. These used knuckle boom crane trucks for sale are becoming very popular where available. More companies are investing in upfitting the trucks with a battery power pack to have a reliable source of electric power available.

Downsizing Trend – Trucks and Fleets

With less work available for larger companies, and smaller companies needing balanced spending, many fleets are being downsized. Companies are more closely analyzing their needs, budgets, creative finance options, and vehicle costs over the life expectancy of a truck. The tightening of belts has caused fleet managers to look for a great knuckle boom crane truck for sale and for every way possible to get more truck for less money.

In many cases, this also includes downsizing the type and size of a vehicle. More is being purchased in the light and medium-duty range to avoid needing CDL drivers that are harder to find now and cost more to employ. Upfitting vehicles is becoming a better option to many, rather than purchasing a replacement knuckle boom crane truc that is already equipped.

Lower TCO is Replacing Lower Acquisition Cost

Based partially on the trends referenced above, many companies are looking closely at accurately estimating the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the life cycle cost of used knuckle boom crane trucks for sale before making a purchase. Businesses are realizing that paying more money up front can actually be a cost-effective move when combined with superior maintenance and other money-saving tactics. An increased use of telematics, even with smaller fleets, supports this trend. Smaller companies are investing more in finding the right units and then keeping them as long as they remain profitable, making the TCO on these vehicles lower the longer that they are kept.

There is a growing trend in the sale of knuckle boom crane trucks where true cost efficiency has become the major area of importance, as fleet buying has changed. With smaller spending budgets, businesses looking for the best knuckle boom crane trucks for sale are increasingly accepting that spending money to make money makes sense – at least when it comes to buying the right trucks. As a result, the market for used knuckle boom crane trucks for sal is changing as well. The market has become both more and less competitive as companies continue to seek the perfect knuckle boom crane truck for their needs!

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