Efficiency and return on investment (ROI) are hot topics these days when it comes to buying work trucks, especially knuckle boom crane trucks. Fuel prices and many other variables are causing companies to tighten their equipment-buying belts, making purchasing the best knuckle boom crane trucks for sale more prohibitive every day. In response, many are also increasing the power of their buying dollars through upfitting. When buying used knuckle boom crane trucks for sale, smart companies can save money by upfitting lesser-equipped vehicles to fit their own needs.

Smaller Chassis for Greater Cost Effectiveness

When it is possible to use the smaller of two vehicles, it is more cost-effective these days to do so. Trucks with a smaller chassis cost less to purchase, less to maintain in most cases, and less to fuel. Knuckle boom crane trucks can also positively affect a company’s need to hire only CDL drivers, saving even more. By upfitting smaller trucks to replace a larger fleet, companies can still have the equipment and features they need, yet reduce their overhead, which is great for a positive ROI.

Standardization of Upfits and Truck Specifications

Companies that purchase even the best knuckle boom crane trucks for sale will not always find identical units; upfitting makes it possible to provide all necessary features. Uniformity helps crews get the most work done with any company unit; with the right upfitting, interior and exterior features and equipment can be affordably added to all fleet trucks.

Upfitting to Keep Decrease Added Vehicle Weight

Most buyers looking to upfit want to increase vehicle efficiency, something that can be achieved when upfitting with the right accessories and parts. Today’s upfitters have an extensive choice of lighter-weight parts that decrease overall vehicle weight versus OEM parts. Depending on a truck’s use and the modifications made, this can substantially help with fuel costs and even prolong electric power in battery packs when equipment is lighter.

Increased Use of Telematics

Most people think of telematics to keep track of driver actions and log maintenance needs; yet there is much more to these systems such as helping all different makes and models of trucks run efficiently. Companies that buy used knuckle boom crane trucks for sale frequently work with different makes and models, so cost of operation is going to be different for all of them. Better tracking of vehicle performance and maintenance needs through telematics prevents units from not getting necessary care that could decrease efficiency.

There are many ways that companies can upfit used knuckle boom crane trucks for sale so that the most cost-effective vehicle becomes the right one. Then companies can have the best of all worlds in their knuckle boom crane trucks: the equipment they need, reduced initial cost, greatest efficiency and highest return on investment. Upfitting is a great way for companies to have the best knuckle boom crane trucks at their disposal!

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