Knuckleboom crane trucks have quickly become an essential part of many work fleets today. This is due to their versatility, and many qualities. In order to purchase the best unit, a company that relies on this equipment must assess their needs, as there are many sizes and types of knuckleboom crane trucks available. If purchasing a unit from the large selection of used knuckleboom crane trucks available, make sure to choose wisely, and bring home the machine that will handle the tasks your business performs most efficiently and safely.

Critical Aspects of Load Capacity and Crane Reach

Before any other detail about a knuckleboom crane truck is considered, the two most important capacities a truck mounted crane must have are its load bearing capacity, and the reach of its crane while bearing that load. Basically speaking, the crane itself must be strong enough, tall enough, and maneuverable enough to be of any use. Therefore, this is where a company must begin with their search for new or used knuckleboom crane trucks! Once a business has determined the specifications required in terms of lifting strength and crane arm reach, other specifications can then be considered.

Chassis and Truck Size Must Match Crane

After determining the size and specification of the type of crane that is required, it is then possible to match that crane to a truck chassis that can carry it. The chassis must not only be strong and durable enough to withstand the weight the crane will be lifting, but also large and heavy enough to provide the necessary stabilization for the entire vehicle. Vehicle weight is an important consideration, as a safely matched knuckleboom crane must be affixed onto a truck chassis and body that is heavy enough to support it and stay balanced, without being so heavy that it exceeds weight class limits, or reduces any payload capacity. This is why the chassis must be a carefully configured balance of size, profile height and overall truck weight, sufficient enough to provide a stable housing for the crane.

Consider Right Controls

As crane truck and aerial lift technology has advanced, so have the ways in which these vehicles are controlled. Due to the variety of ways knuckleboom crane trucks are used today, both radio and wireless remote control units have become much more preferable to any other type of manual, on-truck control. These types of crane controls cost more, but provide much greater safety in allowing operators to control their truck and crane from a distance, where they can better see what is happening, and remain out of the work zone for extra safety.

Outriggers and Other Safety Equipment

All new or used knuckleboom crane trucks should have outriggers installed - preferably the electronic ones that are available today. These newer outriggers make setting up any crane truck faster, more precise, and easier than manually adjusting pullout outriggers. Other specific safety equipment and accessories will depend upon what the truck is used for, and any additional equipment that will be used, as well. Personal safety gear, non-conductive equipment and fall arrest and prevention gear must all be considered depending on how these knuckleboom cranes are used, and whether this use will include lifting workers, or only items.

With the number of makes and models of knuckleboom crane trucks available today, there are countless numbers of great, new or used machines to choose from. The most important aspects of choosing the best new or used knuckleboom crane trucks for the job is understanding equipment needs, and looking only for those trucks that can handle these demands!

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