Truck buyers are always looking for ways to save money; one thing to consider is upfitting. Knuckleboom trucks can be upfitted like any other work truck in various ways to be more useful and economical. When purchasing units from a knuckleboom trucks company or used knuckleboom trucks supplier, consider modifications that can be added to better equip a truck after purchase. To encourage truck buyers to think how upfitting can help them, listed below are a few of the more popular modifications that many companies add to their knuckleboom trucks to create useful work trucks that perfectly suit their needs.

Cargo and Storage Organization

One important reason why a company decides to upfit their knuckleboom trucks, or any other trucks, is so they can stick with smaller units. Smaller trucks require better organization of cargo, so one of the main components seen with many types of work trucks is good cargo management. Finding the best storage system that works for the truck, the job, and the company, is essential in keeping a work crew efficient and in reducing spending. Doing more, with less space, is an important goal when upfitting with toolboxes and other cargo handling equipment.

  • Auxiliary Power Capabilities – With rising fuel costs and stricter idling laws, having auxiliary power sources outfitted are hot items with knuckleboom trucks companies and used knuckleboom trucks supplier. Whether alternative power sources are battery or solar powered, knuckleboom trucks need a type of durable, long-lasting auxiliary power to run equipment without idling the vehicle. As demand for clean alternative power increases, the number of options available has also continued to increase.

  • Crash Avoidance and Safety Equipment – Many knuckleboom trucks are purchased without accessories due to cost, so some important safety equipment may not be there. With more companies upfitting lesser-equipped vehicles, adding aftermarket safety and crash prevention is a growing trend. There are many quality aftermarket products available, such as forward collision warnings, lane departure warnings and prevention, and other sensors that can be added. This provides a solution for companies that cannot afford vehicles already equipped with such costly yet important features.

  • Multiple Use Equipment – With less space and smaller budgets, companies are actively seeking multi-purpose equipment. Keeping crews with the tools they need is essential, although having one of everything can be costly and space-prohibitive. Multiple use trucks save space and fuel, since trucks can carry only one machine rather than many. Companies are buying combination trucks that can do more for less to gain important efficiency.

  • Telematics and Wireless Technology – There is no doubt that telematics systems are greatly used today to save money. A popular upfitting sold by used knuckleboom trucks suppliers, telematics can help companies benefit in different ways. Vehicle monitoring with telematics is especially important with older knuckleboom trucks as well as used ones to track vehicle efficiency and important maintenance. Similarly, wireless connectivity has become important for many companies to keep trucks on the job, and get their information while on the go. When used correctly and safely, onboard computers and wireless devices save both time and money.

Every company has its own needs; proper upfitting depends on those specific needs. When buying fleet vehicles from a good knuckleboom trucks company or used knuckleboom trucks supplier or upfitting current knuckleboom trucks, companies should explore add-on equipment and choose what will be most helpful. A well-equipped knuckleboom truck will maintain efficiency and get the job done effectively!

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