Knuckleboom trucks are very useful pieces of equipment, adaptable for many different operations, and capable of doing the work of multiple machines – all in one. Getting the most from these vehicles still requires effort on the part of the operator. To keep new or used knuckleboom trucks performing their best, and to keep up with safety and productivity, every business that operates knuckleboom trucks for sale should read the following tips and ensure their operators take these things into consideration every day.

1. Site Inspection and Truck Setup

One of the more critical factors, in both the safe operation of knuckleboom trucks and their most efficient use, is performing a careful inspection and assessment of the job site, and setting up equipment accordingly. Before parking the vehicle and raising the boom, an operator must carefully consider everything from the surface they are setting up on, to the proximity of live power lines, weather conditions, and more. Anything and everything that may affect how this equipment will be used, needs to be taken into consideration. The actual setup should then be based on this assessment, for the easiest, safest and most convenient access. Taking this extra time is critical for both safety purposes and to prevent wasted time and resources on a job that could be more efficiently done with better pre-planning.

2. Careful, Observant Operation Procedures

After determining the safest and most efficient equipment setup, paying close attention to every detail on how this machinery is operated, is essential. It is one thing to know how to raise and lower a boom, or use other equipment on new or used knuckleboom trucks, but the ability to totally observe the equipment and its surroundings is something quite different. Smooth, safe boom operation, and the understanding of what can be safely lifted with the boom is important, as is the way the operator stands and positions him or herself in the bucket, or around the equipment. Promoting efficiency and preventing accidents requires awareness, and careful observation of the job site, as well. An operator must always think about everything they do before it is done, and follow company policies on equipment usage to maintain efficiency and safety.

3. Equipment Care and Post-Use Storage

Keeping equipment in its best working order is an essential part of maintaining safe, efficient equipment. The job is not technically over until: 1) all equipment and tools are inspected, post-use, for any damage; 2) stowed away for safe transport; and, 3) properly maintained between jobs. An operator must never just assume their equipment is ready to set up and use. Therefore, daily inspections before use are essential. Careful stowing of all equipment in the correct position is extremely important for preventing unnecessary strain or damage that might not easily be detected. Keeping items safely contained, and cleaning equipment, is all a part of required care, and has an effect on how the equipment performs.

4. Necessary and Continued Training

In order to do all of the above, every company that purchases knuckleboom trucks for sale must provide essential training to all of their operators, as required by OSHA and other safety organizations. This must include training on equipment, and the use of safety gear. It also means knowing how to appropriately use and care for that equipment. With proper training and continued, periodic refreshers, every operator becomes a part of that efficiency by getting their jobs done more effectively, and lowering the risk of accidents or other safety concerns.

Every business that buys knuckleboom trucks for sale can appreciate the fact there is more to promoting the efficient use of equipment than simply worrying about fuel consumption. Efficiency with knuckleboom trucks is something that occurs when the proper equipment training and safety procedures, combines with compliance to company policies on equipment use and care. Whether working with new or used knuckleboom trucks, or any other type of equipment for that matter, achieving the greatest efficiency requires the right knowledge on how best to use the equipment, so both the operator and equipment can perform to their greatest capabilities!

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