Utility and telecom services are the biggest users of knuckleboom trucks. Bucket and mobile crane trucks perform various tasks that keep the country powered and communicating. Many companies have recently reduced their fleets, tightened budgets with reduced overhead and crew, and purchased the best used boom trucks from a local used knuckleboom trucks supplier, or knuckle boom trucks company. Keeping expenses to a minimum is important; however, there are times when weather emergencies can overwhelm a utility service, and require collaboration with other regional utility companies. In anticipation of such occasions, a utility company must have a plan to work with these other companies to get services restored as quickly as possible.

Importance of Utilities Outage Management Plans

When a hurricane or other destructive event hits, the aftermath can be ugly. Millions of homes and buildings are often without power due to these events. The amount of work involved in restoring service to that many people can be overwhelming, and something the local electric service is unable to handle alone. Because of this, it has become common practice for utility companies to create alliances, with emergency plans to get power restored to various regions by working together. The most critical aspect with this type of plan is that it be in place before disaster strikes, since trying to pool resources after the fact is much more difficult.

Getting Equipment and Crews Where Needed

Through careful analysis of available personnel and equipment, every utility service can determine what their work capability is in an emergency situation, and at what point they will need assistance from additional crews. Companies must develop mutual assistance agreements with other services based to help other businesses provide the same backup needed services.

This makes multiple services mutually available, based on the extent of outages. The local service in the outage area will know when to call in extra crews and equipment such as knuckleboom trucks. Most importantly, these utilities can standardize things, like weather forecasting services and communication methods, so all services who work together use the same guidelines, with direction coming from the same, chosen base of operations.

Mutual Assistance Keeps Services Profitable

Mutual assistance agreements help utility companies remain profitable, able to operate on a day-to-day basis with the amount of crew and equipment that is affordable. There should never be a lack of personnel or work equipment, such as knuckleboom trucks, regardless of the circumstances, with the proper assistance plans. The inefficiency of keeping extra equipment on hand reduces what might otherwise be needed, yet still enables utilities to properly serve their local area.

When budget demands that a utility company keep equipment such as boom trucks at a more controlled level, fleet managers purchase good used knuckleboom trucks from a local used knuckleboom trucks supplier or knuckle boom trucks company. The way to avoid problems when widespread outages occur is to affiliate with other regional utility companies using mutual assistance agreements. This will ensure keeping customers up and running, and better afford to keep the best used boom trucks available for the most reliable service!

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