Idling is dirty and expensive; however, it seems like a necessary evil when operating certain equipment such as knuckleboom trucks. Even well-equipped used Hiab knuckleboom trucks for sale frequently end up idling for long periods on the job. Although such action does prevent drain on the vehicle’s battery, it also consumes extra fuel, reduces efficiency when operating new or used knucklebooms, and substantially adds to greenhouse emissions that pollute the environment. Thankfully, there is another option for companies looking for cleaner, more efficient use of their boom trucks the addition of mobile auxiliary power.

The Cost of Excess Idling

When operating any type of fleet trucks such as knucklebooms for sale, idling is sometimes necessary. Yet any time that a vehicle spends idling over five minutes is considered excessive, based on what idling actually costs in terms of inefficiency and environmental damage in the following ways:

  • Increased Fuel Costs – Extended idling consumes more fuel, a cost which adds up quickly with equipment like new or used knucklebooms, as well as reduces profits. Considering the option of running out of battery power, some equipment must idle in order to complete the job.
  • Increased Wear on Engines – Besides fuel cost, idling adds “ghost miles” or engine wear and tear that happens without driving, increasing maintenance costs and shortening the life of the engine as a result.
  • Increased Pollution – When equipment such as knuckleboom trucks burns excess fuel from idling, it greatly increases the pollution problem, both on a local and global scale.

Reduce Idling Via Mobile Power Solutions

In the quest for ways to reduce or eliminate idling for emergency and work vehicles, mobile power sources have become a viable answer thanks to technology improvements in recent years. Many work fleets are now adding heavy-duty battery packs to knuckleboom trucks as a way to eliminate unnecessary idling – and it is yielding very positive results. There has been a drastic reduction in idle time with concurrent fuel and maintenance savings, which ends up paying for the addition of a mobile power source in just about two years.

Mobile auxiliary power units are much stronger than a new or used knuckleboom truck’s OEM battery, providing enough power to run a vehicle and its auxiliary equipment for many hours. They stow on the back of the vehicle and take up relatively little space in comparison to the power they provide. For those companies who turn to this option, it is well worth the investment. Businesses are seeing longer fleet life and lower fuel expenses as well as reduced emissions produced by using green battery power versus burning more fuel. These mobile power packs can keep a knuckleboom truck on the job all day, to be recharged when the truck is driven. Some of them can even run a truck’s heating system as well.

With such technology available, companies that rely on fleet trucks such as new and used knucklebooms finally have a reliable way to cut idling time and any inherent costs. Even when looking for knucklebooms for sale, it is good to know that a mobile power pack can be added to any work truck, including the best used Hiab knuckleboom trucks for sale, and extend the life of that vehicle. With extra, auxiliary power and the ability to run cranes and other gear without idling, companies investing in mobile power units will reap the benefits of more efficient, eco-friendly operations and protect the environment!

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