Having the right equipment for the job is an essential requirement for buyers of any type of crane trucks, whether the units are stick boom or knucklebooms. Manufacturers are continually working to release better equipment. Some producers of knuckle boom trucks have begun expanding their research by turning to the pros – those that use these vehicles every day - to find out what they need but might not already have. Combining engineering skills with user experience has become a great way for crane manufacturers to improve designs and deliver what buyers want and need. In recent years, this has resulted in the availability of better, more useful designs for buyers of both new and used knuckle booms for sale.

Bringing Users to the Drawing Board

The best products are designed by keeping the needs of the end user in mind, regardless of the product. This is no different for knucklebooms, which are specifically designed to suit the needs of a number of different jobs and industries. Although equipment engineers work with experts who understand the use of these machines, some manufacturers have found invaluable information by working with a different set of design “experts.” These are the operators and owners of this equipment, who rely on it every day.

A few makers of knuckle boom trucks have improved their designs by listening to customers and adopting the idea that there is no better opinion than the one that comes from those who use this equipment. Crane truck manufacturers are taking great steps to improve their designs in ways that allow the end user to work more safely and efficiently than ever before. This is accomplished by understanding what companies want and need in their equipment, as well as any challenges they have faced using it.

Case Study and User Experience

User feedback is an essential part of design improvement. In the case of the continued development of knuckle boom trucks, engineers have found the most value in actually working with experienced users throughout the design process. In doing so, the experiences these operators have had on actual jobs becomes priceless information for troubleshooting current designs. With a firsthand user’s look at where equipment is failing, engineers gain insight they would never otherwise have.

This has resulted in improvements, such as cranes with greater reach for specific jobs as opposed to models were just out of reach. There is now improved remote control function, a better outrigger design, different maneuverability, and more. Some manufacturers have even designed smaller crane trucks or increased load lifting capacity, based on the experiences of those who operate this equipment. These redesigns have provided more of what crane operators need in new or used knuckle booms for sale.

These better designed machines add efficiency to their jobs, as well as the safety that goes along with having equipment that can more easily handle important functions. Top name manufacturers like Terex, Altec, and National, to name a few, have gone to these true professionals when it comes to understanding the requirements of these trucks. Rather than trying to guess at what is important, these collaborations have helped companies build the most efficient knuckle boom cranes

This is all great news for companies that purchase new or used knuckle booms for sale. With actual, on the job experience contributing to the design of the best cranes, including knuckle boom trucks, the operators that depend on this equipment are assured their needs are being met. Look for the latest advancements in stick boom and knucklebooms coming to an industrial work truck supplier near you!

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