Having a good plan to ensure that boom trucks get the maintenance they require is a priority that every business using this machinery must take seriously. Maintenance is even more important when purchasing used boom trucks for sale, as these are trucks that have already cycled through a portion of their usefulness. For the  most reliable boom trucks, keeping up with maintenance is something a company must do - or risk losing both their investment and the safety of employees.

Keep Maintenance Schedules

Like every other vehicle, boom trucks have a required maintenance schedule that is set by the manufacturer to extend the life of that specific vehicle as long as possible. Whether a boom truck was purchased used or brand new, it is always a good idea to obtain and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule that is normally based on usage. Therefore, a fleet manager will need to monitor the amount of time spent on the job, and use of each unit, to determine an individual schedule. The manufacturer’s guidelines will help set that schedule, and dictate what major maintenance items are required and when.

Encourage Employees to Be Observant

Sticking to a schedule does not automatically mean that maintenance or repairs will never be required between servicing appointments. Paying attention to equipment and knowing what is and isn't normal is important. Operators should be carefully trained on the upkeep required for boom trucks and other equipment. They should know how to recognize when something does not seem right. Whether this is some kind of malfunction, or even just an abnormal noise that is not usually present, operators are the ones who work with this equipment on a daily basis and must be responsible for reporting such issues. Required daily inspection reports submitted to management at the end of each day encourages operator compliance so that fleet managers are aware of vehicles that need attention. 

Routine Inspections

Beyond operators turning in daily vehicle inspections, regular vehicle inspections with the service technician is important as well. Equipment such as boom trucks require more frequent inspections. Submitting timely reports  and performing inspections between reports is the best way to prevent circumstances that can become serious safety concerns. Periodic inspections by a certified technician is a way to diagnose and correct concerns before they become bigger problems - and an important way to prolong equipment life.

Be Diligent With Maintenance and Repairs

For maintenance to be productive, it needs to be done regularly. Haphazard maintenance not  based on usage leaves a vehicle susceptible to excess wear, which will eventually reduce efficiency and shorten the life of equipment. The most important thing to remember is that any problem should be handle as soon as it is detected, no matter what the maintenance schedule states. Leaving things until the next routine care appointment invites accidents. Anything abnormal should be checked out immediately.

In the end, a great maintenance plan for boom trucks only works when a company sticks with that plan. Companies that regularly purchase used boom trucks for sale should pay particular attention to providing all necessary maintenance and repair. As long as this is done, a long service life is possible from any unit. Whether using new or used equipment, a strict maintenance schedule and required feedback from operators is necessary to ensure trucks get the care necessary for proper maintenance, continued safety, and efficiency!

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