In an effort to get the best use from boom trucks and other similar vehicles, upfitting them to meet individual business needs and to increase safety is a growing trend. Upfitting is especially useful when buying used boom trucks for sale, since many require additional equipment to make them more useful for a specific job. Units that are upfitted to increase function is a great option for when looking at used boom trucks; however, it is also important to consider ergonomics to have safe and useful equipment.

The Cost of Bad Design

Whether working with industrial equipment such as used boom trucks or working at an office desk, bad design is found everywhere - and it is costly. Poorly designed work trucks may start out being less expensive; however, long-term costs can be much higher due to bad design or function that could result in workplace injury. In terms of boom trucks, injury could result from improper adjustment of interior components, high cabs, and poor accessibility to storage or on-board equipment or simply having too many gadgets and not enough space.

Regardless of the actual hazard, the results can be the same - increased medical and workers compensation claims, increased insurance policy costs, and even the potential for lawsuits in the event of serious injuries. It is a company’s responsibility to provide the safest equipment for their employees to use, which includes ergonomically correct boom trucks, whether they are new or used.

Understanding Workplace Hazards

Workplace hazards come in many forms. Where work vehicles are concerned, these hazards could include things such as inconveniently located controls, and equipment and storage that causes employees to have to stretch, twist, push, pull or otherwise force access. Tall truck cabs are a common source of injury when drivers are required to repeatedly stretch to climb in, without the proper provisions for easy access. Important driver and equipment controls that are not adjustable can also cause injury. For those who operate equipment like knuckleboom trucks, hazards are anything that prevents safe entrance, exit, or equipment operation in any way.  It may also include something that may cause injury due to the inability to be adjusted or the lack of ergonomic features that prevent strain, over-extension, falls and other similar injuries.

Upfitting for Ergonomics Saves Money

Upfitting new or used boom trucks for sale to include necessary practical features saves money by increasing efficiency. Vehicles that are upfitted with increased ergonomics also saves money by reducing medical claims, sick days, and other downtime when operators are not present - which reduces productivity. Something as simple as adding cab steps and a handhold can prevent falls or back injuries for employees getting in and out of boom trucks all day long. Providing the proper storage, with easy access, along with the means for employees to safely use all equipment without injury, are important changes to make. Ability to adjust interior space is also important, allowing employees to have improved reach as necessary.

It is essential that a company research vehicle usage and specific problems to learn which upfits are necessary. Outfitting trucks to fit everyone can be challenging; however, fitting them for average employee use can be more easily done. For less common situations, providing ergonomic aids as needed is even more important.

When looking for good deals on used boom trucks for sale, a company must consider the available equipment that is standard on the various units being offered and if any equipment needs to be upfitted. When boom trucks are upfitted for functionality, this adds both efficiency and safety. Avoiding injuries by reducing workplace hazards is equally important for the most efficiently run company!

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