Like most other industrial work trucks, knuckleboom and bucket trucks are expensive, making the purchase of used boom trucks a great way for a company to increase their fleet. There is a huge market for all kinds of used trucks for this very reason; if purchased carefully, a company can find a good buy. Before actually spending money on the best used boom trucks, it is important to know the more essential things to look for to ensure making the right purchase.

Buy According to Need

Boom trucks come in many shapes and sizes, equipped for various uses. Certain trucks may be useful for more than one application, while others should only be used in one specific application for which it was equipped. Among the most popular types of used boom trucks for sale are digger derricks, aerial lift trucks, cherry pickers, and bucket trucks – all of which use the same basic idea yet are implemented in different ways.

It is best to purchase a vehicle a particular job, rather than change a vehicle for a different use. The purchase of used boom trucks for sale should be based on things such as boom length, truck size and weight, and the inclusion of a bucket or platform. This method of purchase can be safe; however, before assuming a specific chassis and boom can or even should be used in any other way than its initial intent, it is vital to check all specifications on that vehicle to ensure it will be safe for use in a new way.

Check the Hydraulic System

Most booms are operated with a hydraulic system, so that is one of the most important features to check on the best used boom trucks. The hydraulics should be thoroughly checked for leaks as well as operated to ensure of proper boom function. It should also be assessed to see actual boom power. Failure of the hydraulic system is an expensive repair that renders a boom truck useless to safely perform its primary duty until repairs are made. Knowing this, a meticulous inspection of a truck’s hydraulics as well as a close review of past maintenance records is an absolute necessity to help ensure a particular used unit is worth the investment.

Ensure The Presence of Safety Mechanisms

Based on OSHA standards and safety manuals for each specific vehicle, it is important for buyers of used boom trucks to know what safety equipment should be included and that it all works. This could be safety harnesses, vehicle outriggers, non-conductive casing on the crane, multiple crane controls, and safety control mechanisms. While the absence of such equipment may not be a deal breaker, a buyer should be aware of what is missing or needs repair before the purchase. Those are expenses that will add to the cost of a boom truck and make it unusable until such work is done.

The three main tips referenced above should be of prime concern to a company looking to buy used boom trucks for sale to increase their work fleet; however, they are by no means the only things to consider. As always, the general specifications and condition of the entire boom truck must be taken into account to get the best used boom trucks available. When it comes to used boom trucks, usage, safety features, and the hydraulics system are among the most important factors to consider to get a good deal on a boom truck that does not end up being more of a problem than it is worth!

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