Sometimes, the best in the business is a name that may not be very familiar. Such is the case with Hiab, a leading European name in loader cranes of all types, a name that is renowned the world over. When searching the websites of new and used boom trucks dealer, it is sometimes challenging to determine which models are best, since there are so many makes available. When searching for used knuckleboom trucks for sale, finding any used boom truck dealer with a Hiab crane truck for sale is a good day, as this is a crane that buyers will definitely want to consider.

Hiab Crane History

The Hydrauliska Industri AB Company, Hiab, was founded in 1944 in Sweden. This is when Eric Sundin, of Hudiksvall, Sweden developed a crane to use for moving the wood he used in his ski making business. The crane design was revolutionary at the time, as it was powered by the truck’s engine, rather than an external power source - something that had not yet been done. Sundin’s invention was the prototype of what eventually became an entire company built around this crane design. Hiab cranes are some of the best, and most powerful and durable cranes still available today.

Hiab Knuckleboom Story

When Hiab first began developing the technology that eventually led to the design of their first knuckleboom cranes, the company’s goals were clear. They wanted to develop products that would cater to the load handling needs of users easily and efficiently. This was so owners could run a successful businesses through the sustainability found in using reliable, efficient equipment. They adopted the logo of an elephant rounding its strong trunk - a symbol that signified Hiab’s dedication to the world to provide equipment that was strong, useful, environmentally-friendly, and efficient as possible.

Hiab Knucklebooms Through Time

Hiab has been a leading supplier of innovative load handling technology ideas for other companies it has acquired or partnered with, such as the Partek Corporation, the Multilift Group and the Kone Corporation - which is know today as the Cargotek Corporation. Hiab’s ideas have influenced many other manufacturers in their effort to create the best load handling equipment of all types. However, Hiab knucklebooms still reign as one of the best makes anyone can buy. More recently, Hiab’s sights have been on finding more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to build their remarkable cranes. They are also concentrating on the development of equipment that has become the industry standard in environmentally sound industrial use for forestry, waste and recycling, as well as the agriculture and conservation industries - among many others.

Today’s Hiab Crane Trucks

Hiab currently offers many knuckleboom crane models with lifting capacities that range from half a ton to 90 tons, and with reaches of between 4 and 38 meters. Their most popular models are built to be easily mounted onto the most popular work truck models. They come with multiple control systems - including an ergonomic remote control system - and include many other desirable features, like foldable boom systems. In addition, Hiab uses a high-tech painting and production process. Hiab cranes offer years of reliable service, low cost of ownership, and continued development of the technology that users want and need.

Buyers in search of used knuckleboom trucks for sale naturally have to choose from what used boom truck dealers have to offer, and what is available at the time. However, in the search for used knuckleboom trucks for sale, if there is Hiab crane on any sales lot, buyers will definitely want to take a look. For the best in load handling for almost any purpose, just as their logo indicates - Hiab cranes are as strong as an elephant, and just as reliable!

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