In today’s fast paced world, efficiency is the key to productivity and profit. It is a key factor for any company, including utility companies, that relies on equipment like knuckleboom trucks on a daily basis. These vehicles are an indispensable tool of the trade, but are also expensive to run, making efficient operation essential. With the help of today’s mobile technology, a fleet can be easily monitored, ensuring that all new and used knuckleboom trucks within the fleet perform the way they should, and work crews have what they need to work efficiently.

Rise of Mobile Tech in Utilities/Services Workforce

For a company that depends on their work force to be in the field and actively deployed, those who monitor the jobs, crews and equipment often face challenges. Monitoring a work crew through mobile technology makes everyone's job much easier and more efficient. What began as telematics, that simply reported vehicle stats to a home base, has now expanded to include total mobile solutions for both fleet managers and job crews alike.

By using mobile technology, vehicle information and the location of an entire fleet of vehicles, including new and used knuckleboom trucks, can be tracked all at once, along with many other essential details. Field crews have more available to them than ever before in terms of fast and efficient communication, and better performing equipment. This gives them greater ability to keep up with work orders, resulting in greater efficiency both in the field and office.

How Mobile Technology Helps Fleet Managers

For the best fleet and cost management, fleet managers need to know where the trucks and their operators are, and how those trucks are performing. Monitoring work crews by using mobile telematics, GPS and integrated communications packages – along with their PTT communication - makes the job of maintaining efficient units much easier. Mobile monitoring by using this more advanced software now goes a step beyond  standard telematics, saving companies even more money.

When using wireless signals to power integrated dispatch technology, it is possible for a manager to track not only which job each operator is working on, but other important details that can impact a work crew. Monitoring things such as traffic, road, and weather conditions – as well as new dispatches, while a crew is already in the field - helps to reduce costs. This is due to more efficient routing and less down time.

Mobile telematics offers a work crew effective solutions, including the ability to enter job information into the company network, while still on the job site. Fleet managers are able to dispatch nearby crews for assistance when necessary, rather than sending a crew from further away. All of this adds up in the long run, creating a safer and more efficient work environment that reduces costs in a variety of ways.

Fleet Maintenance with Mobile Tech

Naturally, the ability to track the performance of all work vehicles, including knuckleboom trucks, remains one of the main benefits for a company, since this is the best way to monitor fuel consumption, and predict when a unit may begin to experience a problem. Everything from oil pressure to tire inflation and traction can now be monitored by mobile telematics, giving an on-demand reading while a truck is on the road working.

Mobile technology for utility service fleets is so much more than a simple telematics system. It is fleet telematics combined with communications service, company networking, route planning and even more. With all of these capabilities and functions available to both knuckleboom trucks and service vehicles fleet managers and crews, a company can save time and money, while staying safer. Whether working with new or used knuckleboom trucks, or any other type of work fleet, the most efficient vehicle and crew management today is done wireless, through mobile fleet management and dispatch programs designed to be a fleet manager’s pocket planner organizer, all in one!

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